Site Moved

After a number of comments, I’ve decided to migrate the site to a wiki: You can point your RSS readers here: The main motivation for the move is that the WordPress archives are difficult to use, since the advantages of the three-column side-by-side view are lost, and will get increasingly difficult to use as we get further into the dialogue. Each page of the text is displayed in the same three-column format as before, but instead of the three versions of the text living in separate blog posts, they share a page in the wiki, making navigation much simpler.

Almost all the content currently here (posts & recent comments) is now there, plus some more, in particular, a single page with a running version of just the translation, which will be updated more seldom than individual pages. Comments work just as before (no log-in required). For the most recent pages of the text, I’ve recreated the back and forth of the discussion in the comments section; for older pages, I’ve linked back to the WordPress comments.

I hope you’ll join me in making the move. If you can’t get something to work on the wiki or want to request a feature or just find the whole thing intolerable, please send me an e-mail (d dot jagannathan at gmail dot com).


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